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Supercharge your LTV with Conversational Marketing

Go beyond hyper-personalization. Leverage the platform that unlocks an avg. 18% lift with AI-driven experiences designed to increase your customer lifetime value

We work with industry leading ecommerce and digital brands that use our platform to is the leading conversational marketing platform helping e-commerce and digital brands:

  • Increase revenue via email & SMS 
  • Automate customer segmentation
  • Hyper-personalize 1:1 communication
  • Enrich data with conversational AI
  • Boost SMS list growth & retention rates
  • Reward & monetize loyal customers

No-reply marketing is dead.

Start a conversation with your audience that never ends to 10x your results today.

Here's how we do it

personal shopper-1
Your AI Brand Ambassodor

We'll craft your AI persona, built to represent your brand and interact with every customer. Reaching out via email and SMS with personalized offers while learning & optimizing for high converting sequences.

Harvest Conversational Data

With hyper-personalized marketing we not only drive revenue, but encourage conversation & replies. Our AI-powered reply engine gathers meaningful data & insights that seamlessly integrate with your tools. Forget surveys, collect real insights, in real time.

Segment & Reward

Skip the data deep-dive, our platform manages active, and identifies new segments to action proactively so you can focus on growth and rewarding customers instead of battling churn Targeted Customers


Reengage more when previously inactive using AI and data-driven insights that get results the first time and bring them back into the fold.


Display a greater connection to your brand and work harder to earn rewards; increasing retention & consistent revenue growth over a prolonged period of time.


Are driven to continue to spend, sustaining customer engagement & repeat business as evidenced by our clients' redemption rates of up to 60%

Easy One-Click Integration


Our AI-powered integrations automate tedious tasks, eliminating weeks of resource heavy initiatives, reducing risk of errors and downtime and allowing for seamless data integration.

With our apps, available in the Shopify and Big Commerce marketplaces we can be ready to run our first sequence in as little as 30 minutes.

one click integration
aligned incentives

Aligned Incentives

Our payment options adapt with the use of our platform. A modest base, tied to a revenue model that ensures our incentives to generate more profits for your brand are always aligned.

Run a risk-free pilot today

Secure Your Spot - Limited pilot opportunities each month for select companies. Discover the impact we can deliver - reach out now.