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Tap into the power of paid loyalty & increase LTV

Use our ROI calculator to estimate how much profit we can generate together with your existing customer base.

How it works turns your order confirmation page into a profit generation page to increase LTV via subscription revenue. This revenue is in turn used to fund reward redemptions which maximizes basket size, purchase frequency and most important, customer satisfaction.

Stop offering generic rewards programs that don't move the needle or appeal to your most valuable customers that contribute the majority of your revenue. Identify & reward them with today.

Want to learn more about how we can provide your brand with incremental, recurring revenue with our platform? We're more than happy to prepare a free custom proposal along with a demo of our platform. No commitments, no risk. integrates easily with 

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retail success

A leading brand unlocked a 307% increase in LTV with our paid loyalty program

  • 1 in 8 customers subscribed at a $79 annual membership fee

  • 60% of rewards were applied to repeat purchases with the brand

  • 243% higher purchase frequency for customers who subscribed

GMV customer comparison

Unlock Recurring Profits

Convert customers into loyal subscribers for recurring revenue

Boost Profits

Maximize basket size and purchase frequency for greater returns

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Reward your most loyal customers with a VIP experience

Reactivate Lost Customers

Easily reach their inboxes, bypassing the promotions tab

Unlock Exclusive Perks

Access 300+ top retailers, dining, entertainment & travel partners

Boost Employee Retention

Offer a complimentary membership they'll love

Let's talk numbers

Want to dig into the numbers or get a better understanding of how a partnership with us would work? Get in touch today, we'd love to set up a call where we can walk you through a demo of all we have to offer and learn more about your brand.