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Boost the LTV of your team with AI-Powered Recruitment

Quality hires the first time means you can focus on what matters while building the super team your company deserves.

You only pay when we deliver top-tier talent.
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Why Use Powered Recruiting?

With our platform, you're always in full control to define the ideal candidates for your organization while harnessing the power of our advanced recruitment engine. This translates to significant savings in both time and consulting fees. Seamlessly connect with thousands of top-tier candidates and rest assured, with our tools at your disposal, screening and securing the perfect fit becomes a streamlined process.

No more uncertainties, just results.

How can help me scale my recruiting efforts?


Data Driven Insights & Checklists - We automate market data analysis and optimize your outreach to ensure every role you post will reach the most ideal candidates from the right sources


Our engagement engine will use natural language processing to humanize the process and fast-track standout candidates to increase the chances of securing a successful and lasting employment match


Cultivate a pool of prospective candidates tailored for upcoming roles in your organization, nurturing these relationships to ensure a consistent and robust pipeline of talent is always at your fingertips.


Choose the best plan for your needs


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What you get
  • Scalable, AI powered, candidate focused outreach sequences
  • Enhanced candidate data analysis
  • Time saving screening automation customized to your needs
  • Candidate pool management & nurturing
  • Dashboard to review your candidates & automated outreach recommendations
  • Placement based pricing. You only pay when we deliver results. Starting at 25% of successful hires, lower rates with higher volume
  • Standard email support


Customized to your needs

What you get
  • Everything from Starter, plus:
  • Integrate & send with your internal systems
  • Automated feedback loop surveys and real-time analytics
  • Increased sends, candidate sources & candidate pools
  • Flexible pricing plans based on volume to suit your needs
  • Dedicated success manager Recruitement Clients


Tap into a broader pool of qualified candidates, ensuring a more efficient and targeted hiring process tailored to their specific needs


Pinpoint the ideal candidates right from the outset, minimizing turnover and enabling you to concentrate on achieving your company's objectives

Elevate your talent acquisition strategy with AI-driven solutions today

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