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How a Leading Brand Transformed Their Paid Loyalty Program to Boost LTV by 159% with


increase in customer
lifetime value (LTV)


of loyalty revenue from
increased sales


lower cost per member
per month (PMPM)

The Challenge

A leading brand with more than 100,000 members in their existing paid membership program came to looking to further increase LTV.

Even though aspects of the existing program were successful, the brand was not seeing increased spend beyond membership fees. They knew they had to step up their customer experience to keep their VIPs coming back.

aligned incentives

Results & Measuring Success

Given the importance of the existing paid program on profitability, the brand a/b tested vs. the control.

Over a six month measurement period, members saw a 159% increase in LTV vs. the control, while also saving 57% on platform fees, as measured by PMPM.

This was driven by’s improved customer experience, which not only uses generative AI to increase conversion and retention, but the seamless on-site reward redemption.

Customers no longer needed to go to a separate portal or remember yet another password. VIP benefits were now accessible without leaving the store, nudging customers towards their next order.


Use our ROI Calculator to estimate the impact of transforming your customers into highly engaged revenue driving loyalty members integrates easily with 


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